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Our Approach

We Deliver Digital Marketing solutions to fit your small or medium business.

Customized Strategies Tailored To You

At the beginning of each engagement our team conducts a number of requirements gathering and planning sessions with the all of the key stakeholders in order to understand your business, marketing goals, objectives, program requirements, and success metrics. This due diligence provides the framework for the solidification of a strategy that is focused on addressing each of your business and marketing goals.

With a strategy in place, we can then identify the tactics and target the channels that will deliver the expected results. A detailed project schedule outlines the tasks, milestones, resources, and timing required to implement the tactics.  We have found through years of experience across multiple client engagements that a well-defined strategy and plan reduces cost, improves the client-agency relationship, and ensures objectives are met according to schedule.

 Why Choose Us ?

We’ve been there, and we know what your small business is up against. Hint, we are one! We have a wealth of experience that will be valuable as you grow into an even more successful company. Working with companies of all sizes has given us a wealth of experience that is invaluable to smaller businesses. We’re proud not only because we’ve been able to stay small, but also because our own success story mirrors those same challenges faced by many new startups – especially when they don’t have access or resources like funding solutions as big firms do. Our esteemed founder Fionn Downhill has developed extensive digital curriculum for the ASU Dreamcatcher program focusing on all aspects of digital for the smaller business.

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Research & Analysis

The foundation of every interactive marketing program rests on an understanding of how people think and interact online. There is a wealth of information available from search engines and Social Media channels, to tell us where your customers are and how to reach them.
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Armed with a clear understanding of the engagement’s strategy, a well-defined project plan, and insight from the research, our team of begins the process of implementing the tactics required to produce thedesired results, More traffic and growth for your small businesss.

Monitor and Manage

With a baseline in place, our team is able to monitor the performance of the program and quantify the impact of the tactics we have employed.  The information extracted from the search engines, website analytics tools, and third-party data providers is used to develop your program.