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By studying how people search and interact with others online, you can learn a lot about their interests and what drives their actions. Search data forms the foundation for understanding how your customers think. When combined with the data from popular and relevant social media channels, we can start to put together a plan for connecting with your customers in ways that you may not have previously considered.Customer aquisition

Here are some of the tactics we employ to connect with more customers:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
When you talk about your products and services, what words do you use? Do you find your marketing is littered with “industry-speak”? How do your customers talk about your products and services? What words do they use? Understanding your customer’s vocabulary and using that vocabulary in all of your communications with them is the first step in creating a connection. SEO involves integrating the vocabulary of your customer into all of your digital assets (i.e. website, press, video, audio, images) so that when they are searching, they will find you.
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Social Media
Where are your customers online? Are you there? In today’s socially connected web, your customers are spending their time reading, writing, and commenting on blogs, sharing pictures, videos, and music with their friends, writing and reading reviews for products and services they have purchased or intend to purchase, and connecting with colleagues and acquaintances on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. By pinpointing where your customers are interacting and what conversations are most important to them, you can start to put together a plan for connecting with them in a much more meaningful way.
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