About Us

Elixir Interactive is a an Organic SEO company that helps its customers, build traffic, sales, conversions and trust through search and social media.

By combining our experience in organic search engine optimization with the power of the social web, we are able to help our clients better understand how their customers think and interact online and then use that information to increase visibility, traffic, sales and improve online reputation. Elixir Interactive has been offering Search Engine Optimization Services for over 15 years.

We follow strict processes for maximum efficiency which focuses on all on the following:

.Achieving Higher Visibility
Increased visibility on the web will benefit your online and offline business. They key is to optimize all your assets – website, video, news releases, images etc., so that they can be found by searchers. This will help you to publicize your brand online and increase brand exposure. The goal is to be visible and stand out from your competitors.
.Increasing Site Traffic
The goal of organic search is to improve your website rankings in the major search engines for targeted keywords relating to your business. These high rankings translate in to increased high quality, targeted traffic arriving on your site. Because this is high quality traffic it increases the opportunity to maximize sales. Brand awareness is increased because of your increased visibility. All of this gives you the potential to see a dramatic increases in search related revenue.
.Maximizing Conversions
One important goal of search marketing is to increase the amount of targeted traffic arriving at your website thereby increasing qualified leads. Qualified leads are the backbones of many businesses. These are the type of leads are most likely to convert into customers. Search marketing is an extremely effective and cost efficient business strategy for acquiring leads. Search Marketing can provide the highest ROI of any marketing initiative you will undertake.
.Building Customer Relationships
Customers want to be valued by their suppliers. Ensuring your site is customer focused, understandable (not full of industry or company jargon), and is usable (high usability) you will increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty which will help your site reach its overall objectives, whether sales, leads, or just satisfy visitors needs for information.
.Managing Reputation Online
The search engine results say a lot about your brand, your company and your reputation. It’s no longer about your website but rather about what searchers see listed about your brand while searching. If they come across negative listings it can impact whether people will do business with you. You have worked hard to create your brand it is essential you protect it.
.Raising Brand Awareness
Using your complete portfolio of online assets and being visible in multiple ways gives you the opportunity to increase brand awareness. Organic listings and paid ads all help your brand message to be seen by your target audience and create brand equity and brand awareness.