Social Media Consulting and Strategy Planning

Social media is one of the most important communications tools that exists today.  Elixir Interactive uses this tool to zero in on where your customers go and what they say on the web – a crucial skill that fosters real, long-term connections with millions of potential customers. This is at the heart of social media marketing.

Social media is all about connections and sharing and marketers use the abundant social applications and networks to provide a bevy of new opportunities to focus and expand your marketing reach.  Before embarking on a social media campaign, you must first understand where your customers are and how to connect with them. In other words, to “market” to the community you must become part of it. Regardless of whether you are a sports personality using all the strength of social media like Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest or You Tube or the White House which now uses all the social media channels to communicate with the American public you need a stategy to get started and stay focussed on what counts.

Social Media Strategy – Our Approach

Through research and analysis, we know what your customers are up to: visiting blogs, sharing pictures, videos and music, writing and reading product reviews, and connecting with colleagues, friends, and family on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

By pinpointing which online communities your product or service appeals to, we can put together an integrated social media strategy for connecting with your customers and driving their purchase decisions.

Years of research and industry experience have taught us that these social media strategies should emphasize the importance of creating, optimizing, and posting social content that appeals to your target online audience. Content like blogs, articles, forum posts, user profiles on social networking sites, podcasts, and the list goes on. This content increases your web traffic, improves your search engine rankings, and builds relationships with customers by:

  • Attracting and directing visitors to your website
  • Positioning your company as a resource for crucial product and/or industry information
  • Building brand awareness
  • Developing natural links back to your site
  • Elevating your status as a company tuned in to what your customers want to know

Social Media Audit

Many companies dive head first into social media marketing – and often come to the conclusion – what are we doing wrong?  This is where we can help.  We can carry out a social media audit and review your existing social strategies and accomplishments. (If you are new to social media it is worthwhile to undertake an audit before you start to get you on the right track).

Our social media consultants will gather information internally – within your company, and externally – amongst your competitors and produce a detailed report to get your social media efforts heading in the right direction.  If you want a step by step approach you can develop a social media plan for your business.

Social Media Strategy Plans

For most companies planning the initial approach to social media can be overwhelming.  Elixir creates a blue print to get started and our step by step approach using best practices will take the fear out of moving forward with your social media strategy.

We offer detailed customized social media plans that you can use to apply directly to your business.

To do this we will lay down a baseline developed from a detailed social media audit of your business and industry.  This includes strategies that your competitors are using.  We will set goal and objectives that we see as being beneficial to your brand and corporate identity.  Idea development and brainstorming are also an important parts of the planning process.  Content is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing and so a content calendar will be included along with a tactical plan that outlines the specific tasks as well as the staff and resources needed to accomplish them.  And of course reporting and measurement are always necessary aspect of any marketing plan.  We do not leave you alone after we create your strategy, we can work directly wiht your team to guide them and ensure they get on track and stay on track.

Why Elixir for Your Social Marketing Strategy?

Elixir Interactive’s social media consulting staff draws from twenty-five years of combined industry experience to take full advantage of social networks and social media sites for your company. Our experienced team offers social media consulting, audits, plans and training.

Whether you are a small business or a global Fortune 500 corporation, Elixir’s flexible service suite can meet your social media marketing needs – propelling your marketing efforts into game-changing results. Call us at 866-734-9650 or fill out our contact form for information about what we can do for you.