Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools


We are pleased to announce the roll out of our SEO tool Sycara, a best of breed tool which monitors and tracks your SEO efforts and helps keep costs under control as you grow your SEO business.

Our SEO tools were developed out of necessity.  As an organic search engine optimization company specializing in natural search we were always looking for new ways to automate our processes.  In our early days we ended up using a number of different tools and a lot of manual work to get the job done.  Reporting, tracking and ongoing SEO required access to many different tools and through frustration with this Sycara our SEO Reporting and Monitoring came to be.  Developed by our own in house SEO strategist and organic SEO experts SyCara has allowed us to offer first class SEO services at an affordable price for many years.     In 2008 we decided to start the development process to make these tools available to a wider audience.  We have worked with many agencies over the years and one of their greatest frustrations was having to find technical staff to manage the entire SEO process.  SyCara addresses this need and reduces the dependence on technical staff to manage SEO as part of the online marketing process.  There will never be a tool that replaces tenure and experience in achieving organic SEO success  however,  SyCara reduces the need for multiple touch points in the process and frees up the experienced staff to do what they do best which is drive qualified traffic and increase the success of the SEO program over time. 

Sycara contains 13 years of organic search engine optimization experience and its unique feature is that the coding was done by our own SEO experts in house therefore, the system works for the SEO practitioner and marketers because it was written by one.

We are very pleased to finally offer our SEO tool to public especially at this time when costs for agencies and site owners is a big issue.   Agencies and in-house marketer alike will benefit from the speed and efficiency of SyCara reducing costs and overheads at  a time when cost saving is key to in some cases survival.

Take a look at our SEO tool and we will be happy to provide you with more information.