Our Approach to Interactive Marketing

Strategy & Planning

At the beginning of each engagement our team conducts a number of requirements gathering and planning sessions with the all of the key stakeholders in order to understand your business, marketing goals, objectives, program requirements, and success metrics. This due diligence provides the framework for the solidification of a strategy that is focused on addressing each of your business and marketing goals.

With a strategy in place, we can then identify the tactics and target the channels that will deliver the expected results. A detailed project schedule outlines the tasks, milestones, resources, and timing required to implement the tactics.  We have found through years of experience across multiple client engagements that a well-defined strategy and plan reduces cost, improves the client-agency relationship, and ensures objectives are met according to schedule.

Research & Analysis

The foundation of every interactive marketing program rests on an understanding of how people think and interact online. There is an incredible wealth of information available from search engines, social media channels, and analytics tools that reveals demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral profiles. This profile data, if used correctly, can form the framework for the creation of extremely relevant and targeted communication. Our team analyzes mountains of search query, community engagement, analytical system, and competitive intelligence data to identify patterns and preferences that are used to optimize the implementation of search, social, display, email, mobile, and web development initiatives.


Armed with a clear understanding of the engagement’s strategy, a well-defined project plan, and insight from the research, our team of engineers, media managers, journalists, and designers begins the process of implementing the tactics required to produce the desired results.

One of the most important tasks undertaken at the beginning of the program’s implementation is the definition and documentation of a baseline. The baseline serves to ensure accountability to the program’s goals and objectives. Basically, we want you to be able to clearly measure the impact of our efforts.

Throughout the engagement, your account team will explain the process and tactics, consult with your team on best practices, and provide you with industry insight. We work hard to demystify and simplify interactive marketing so that you feel informed and empowered by the work that is being done.

Monitor and Manage

With a baseline in place, our team is able to monitor the performance of the program and quantify the impact of the tactics we have employed. The information extracted from the search engines, website analytics tools, and third-party data providers is thoroughly analyzed and compiled into a series of actionable reports for consumption by both our team and yours. The intelligence gleaned from these reports pinpoints opportunities and drives the decisions needed to improve performance.

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