Online Reputation Management – Part 2

The first thing you want to do when launching a online reputation management campaign is to do some research and analysis of what shows up when someone searches for your brand, or for keywords related to your brand. Particularly the top 30 are the things that should be looked at in all of the major search engines. You will want to identify which ones you don’t want there and which ones are good to have in those top spots. Once you know this, it is possible to form a plan to start developing sites and links to promote those sites into the top spots. The more positive information you have out there on the web in the top spots, the more likely you are to be able to combat negative information that is put out there by an angry client.

As much as we would like to and as hard as we all try to, it is impossible to make every client happy all the time, and these days you never know who is tech savvy and who isn’t. Many older people know as much about the internet as some of the younger people. One person who is a regular blogger writes a post about you and it could easily rise into the top ten. This is why it is important to always have an online reputation management campaign going. If you are already working in the internet and promoting yourself regularly, it is easy to push negative information down by just continuing to do what you have been doing all this time.

Online Reputation Management – Part 2 Transcript

What are the online reputation management campaign strategies and tactics?

The first thing we do is an analysis. Some research and analysis of where your brand is at in the top. Particularly the top 30 we look at, in major search engines. We look at what other results are in the top ten particularly that you may not want to have there. We put together a strategy, that turns into a project plan, where we will put tasks together to start that entire process of building out a campaign where you start to control the top ten by releasing sites and digital information onto the web and then we start to link to that. So that you promote everything.

What are the rewards or risks of having or not having an online reputation management campaign?

The risks are enormous. People spend millions and millions of dollars building their brand and can be destroyed overnight by one malicious blogger. Let’s face it if you are in the business of customer service it is unrealistic to expect that every single customer every single time will always be happy. Let’s say that that one customer who decides that they really don’t like you no matter what you do is very Internet savvy, they are a blogger is a comment blogger or they really know how to work the Internet. That can be devastating because even that one individual can do a lot of damage to your brand just by publishing what they think. If you are a company that does provide bad service and has products that are inferior or services than you need to fix that because no amount of online reputation management will fix a bad company. So that’s the first thing you have to do. Certainly, the risks are enormous if you don’t control that space it’s very likely that somebody else may get information in there that could be very damaging.

How long should an online reputation management campaign be in place?

My honest answer is that you should never stop doing online reputation management. It’s really where the new PR is taking place it’s where you should be focusing your public relations efforts because that’s where people are really looking and making decisions. You often hear today from celebrities and we just heard it recently, unfortunately for Tiger Woods, how fast the digital space takes over the news and starts to control the entire story. Back in the old days celebrities could mess up and it would go into maybe a newspaper or a magazine and it would go away. Now days it never goes away. That’s the thing with digital space, once the information gets out there it never goes away. All you can do is try to control it and replace it with something more positive.

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