Online Reputation Management – Part 1

Online reputation management is the process of controlling what people see when they search for information about your company. There are a number of ways you can do reputation management, from using social networking sites, to using variations on your company domain name. The truth is that everybody should do reputation management as soon as they can, even if they start with something simple and free like social networking. If you start early and build up a good reputation right away, it will be harder for someone to damage it later. Anything that you create you will be able to have control of, which means that the things people see about your, are what you want to tell them and nothing else.

Putting your name out there online in a way that you can control is important because people don’t ask friends anymore what they think of a company. If they want to know something about a company they look it up online. If you are doing reputation management, what they will see right off the bat is your sites and what you have to say about your company. This will give them a better feeling and make them want to work with you more.

Online Reputation Management – Part 1 Transcript

Before You Begin

  • Does your organization have integrity?
  • Does your organization have good intent?
  • Does your organization live up to it’s promises?
  • Does your organization get results?
  • Does your organization provide excellent customer service?

If the answer to any of these questions is “NO” then start there before a reputation management program is put in place.

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management is the process of ensuring that when someone searches for your brand in a search engine that the result that appear allows you to control the perception of your brand with results that are actually under your control.

Who should have an online reputation management campaign?

Everybody. Anybody who is even bricks and mortar that aren’t necessary online. Again, personally before I go to a store or a branch of a company I go online and I check and I do my research. If you have nothing there, well, that’s better than negative information, but if you have positive information, great resource for your customers, for the people who are searching they are more likely to buy from you or work with your business.

When should you start managing your online reputation?

Right from the start. Whether you are online or bricks and mortar. It is very important that right from the get go you buy all variations of you name. The .nets, the .coms the .org the .td. You should own all of those. If you are a small company and you are starting out and you want make sure that there is always a good perception of your brand. they will do their research. There are many of things you can do very very cost effectively. Such as bringing up a blog. You can also do social media profiles so your Twitter your Facebook your LinkedIn your YouTube. And if you do that right from the start,  before there is anything else about you there is a very good chance that those will appear in the top ten. Right there, very cost effectively  you are starting to control the perception of your brand and your online reputation because all of those social media profiles are under your control.

Why should you manage your online reputation?

It’s very important that brands and companies realize how important this actually is. People don’t actually go to their friends anymore and say “what do you think of such and such a company?” They go online and they do research on a company before they choose to buy from that company or before they choose to work with them. It’s very important that brands understand that the decisions are being made in the online space and if what appears about your brand or your product is negative that will certainly affect people’s decision to work with your company or purchase from you.

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