Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for E-Commerce Websites

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The key to impacting online sales for e-Commerce websites is accessibility. How accessible is your e-Commerce site to potential customers?

Many online stores get bogged down in useless content, dry manufacturer product descriptions, and poor internal linking – leading to unimpressive search engine rankings and stunted accessibility.

Elixir Interactive SEO services helps e-Commerce websites avoid these pitfalls. We offer search engine optimization (SEO) services geared specifically for e-Commerce websites. Using years of e-Commerce SEO experience, we produce the search engine rankings that open the traffic floodgates — which means more online visibility and, ultimately, more sales.

Unlike so many fly-by-night firms, we have been in this business long enough to know that e-Commerce SEO requires as much technical savvy as online marketing prowess. Our team of developers, under the direction of Dylan Downhill, CIO and Technical Director of Elixir, has the programming skills and technical expertise to tackle the SEO challenges of even the most complex e-Commerce sites. Led by Downhill, our team of optimization specialists executes killer e-Commerce SEO campaigns that include:

  • Developing web server output filters that enable title and meta tag reconfiguration – even if the shopping cart application doesn’t allow it.
  • Implementing sitemaps that allow search engines to index the entire site – even when cookies are required to access certain parts of the site.
  • Optimizing product and page titles and descriptions to match the phrases that consumers actually search for.
  • Developing product feeds to the major shopping engines such as Google Shopping, Yahoo! Shopping, and BizRate to ensure maximum exposure for the products at prices far below current PPC ad prices.
  • Undertaking usability research and analysis so you know how people are really using your site, including where they are abandoning the site or their shopping cart.
  • Utilizing other SEO tools such as paid inclusion to increase the frequency of spidering if there is a constant stream of new products to your e-Commerce site.

Correctly optimizing your e-Commerce site can increase your profits and help you gain a competitive advantage over most online retailers. Call us at 866-734-9650 or fill out our form for information about how we can improve your e-Commerce site.

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