eCommerce Case Study


One client in the automotive accessory industry came to Elixir with a fully functioning eCommerce solution custom built by their web developer. The site was having difficulties getting fully indexed by the search engines.

Elixir Engagement:

The client engaged Elixir for its search engine optimization services.


Elixir’s search engine marketing experts coded around the spider blocking problems. In addition to improve ranking, Elixir added both vertical siloing and horizontal virtual siloing using the linguistic analysis report generated by Sycara SEO, monitoring and reporting tool to ensure like content was indexed and understood correctly by the search engines.

Additionally Elixir added engine feeds and launched a content and publicity campaign which has provided an additional source of revenue and lessened the reliance on rankings for traffic and sales.

eCommerce Case Study Graph - Traffic

eCommerce Case Study Graph - Revenue


The project was extraordinarily successful in driving traffic and revenue. In 18 months Elixir was able to achieve the following results:

Increase in site traffic by 300%
Increase in revenue by 260%

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Check out Sycara SEO, monitoring and reporting tool developed by Elixir’s search engine marketing experts.

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