Digital Asset Optimization

When you do a search today, you are bound to see a page of results that contains video clips, images and links to news stories and blogs. The goal of digital asset optimization is to extend the reach of your audio, video, image and text-based content beyond the borders of your website so that you can connect with more customers and improve the awareness of your brand.

digital asset optimization technologyMost companies are sitting on a gold mine of digital assets
– from how-to videos and podcasts to images and articles. Our first task is to identify the content that is available, owned and will be most appealing to your customers. Then we locate the sites that are relevant for your business, have a large following and a highly-engaged audience. Using our knowledge of how and what people search for, we optimize your digital assets by incorporating your customers’ language into the descriptive elements of the content.

digital asset optimization measuring resultsTracking how many people have visited, clicked, viewed, rated or commented on a particular piece of content is perhaps the most interesting part of the process.
Each interaction can be used to measure engagement. The more that people interact with and share your digital assets, the more we can learn about their interests. This information is then used to drive the creation of additional, and optimization of existing, touch points.

We combine the core principles of search engine optimization with the power of the social web to optimize our client’s digital assets and help them improve their brand visibility and connect with more customers.

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