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When people search the web for B2B products and services, they are usually doing their homework – not looking to make an immediate decision. That means your website must attract visitors and your web presence must assist them throughout their decision-making process.

Elixir Interactive has been around long enough to know that B2B search engine optimization is the most effective way to achieve all these things.

We have tackled the challenges of B2B SEO services since 2003. In our playbook the key to successful B2B SEO is understanding your prospects, their concerns, and their likely actions as they search for business solutions.

Our full spectrum of B2B SEO services – including consulting, training, and full-service B2B SEO campaigns – all focus on helping prospective clients find your website and choosing your company for their business needs. Our campaigns include:

  • Uncovering the search terms your prospects may be using in the different phases of the buying cycle
  • Creating content that supports key search terms and drives business decisions
  • Tapping into relevant social media portals that could increase online visibility and promote industry prowess
  • Auditing your website’s accessibility and document any obstacles that may be hindering the search engine’s ability to index your content
  • Researching your competition and analyzing inbound link structures to identify what is required for optimal visibility
  • Creating a customized linking program to attract traffic and increase online visibility
  • Implementing necessary, back-end coding changes for even the most complex websites
  • Monitoring performance and continuously adjust your search engine optimization campaign for improved results

As we systematically connect B2B visits and keywords to leads and sales, you’ll soon see why strategic B2B search engine optimization is the best marketing investment you could make. Call us at 866-734-9650 or fill out our form for information about what we can do for you.

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